Gyandeep National Youth Council of India (GNYCI) is an organization actively working for the development of personality, success and leadership of youth. And through all its branches at the national and international level, by making maximum members a member, youth programs and public service programs should be conducted for public welfare, in which financial help and education for the disabled, orphans, poor, people feeling helpless, Providing health, employment as well as help in the marriage of helpless girls and providing work and progress of development in rural areas Related programs from being Chalaya.

This is a part of the Gyandeep Jankalyan Shikshan Sanstha -NGO. It is a non-profit educational organization founded by Mr. Amit Kumar Thakur in 2012 to serve the poor, helpless, associated with the poorer section of the society.Went. The organization is headquartered in a small village (Mason-Bhanwarkol, Ghazipur) in the city of Ghazipur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The organization is helping and serving people on a large scale in many states and cities and villages of the country today.