Youth programs


Today, the youth of our society are getting away from the society and indulging in wrong practices on the other side. GNYCI -CSC has created a new youth organization for the youth. GNYCI YOUTH. In this, the village has to encourage the youth of the city towards sports, education and new thinking. Gyanandeep Rastri Yuva Parishad, India is being organized in such new youth programs which are as follows -


v     Student Support Campaign

v     National Youth Week 2019

v     National Youth Conference 2019

v     Youths Motivational Tour 2019

v     "Youth Voice": Lunch

v     GNYCI Picnic with Team Building Program

v     GNYCI Workshop on Information Technology

v     International Day of Peace 2019 was celebrated

v     Masterpiece Leadership Bootcamp 2019

v     First Annual Assembly of GNYC India.

v     Interaction Program with X-Tech Pro Technology President (Shri Shiv Nath Kumar Ji)

v     Roadside Waste Management in all villages

v     National Leadership Bootcamp 2019

v     Round Table Discussion Program on "Challenges and Prospects of Entrepreneurship in India"

v     Inter District Youth Conference 2019

v     Leadership Workshop 2019

v     Bicycle Rally 2019

v     World Environment Day 2019: Connecting with nature…

v     One day training to the farmer on "safe handling of pesticides"

v     skill training

v     My Sustainable Development Goals – My Dreams

v     20 Days Wildlife Training 2019

v     High School/Inter-College Speech Competition 2019

v     GNYCI 2019 – Preparatory Meeting

 v     Asian Youth Summit 2019

v     Youth & Environment

 v     Strategic Meeting – GNYCI

v     Inter District Youth Conference 2019