Our Volunteer


If a person wants to do social service, public welfare for his village society in any way, then you can serve the village society by becoming a volunteer through your village GNYCI CSC. The area in which you are asked to cooperate or serve for your village It is like - service to poor children, service to the poor family of the village, service to orphaned children, service to the differently-abled, marriage of girl from poor family For, service to save the environment, service for the game of village children …etc


The person who wants to become a volunteer of (GNYCI) should contact the branch of GNYCI -CSC of his village. Or call the helpline number: 7233036303, 8052444224


Benefits of affiliation: - for voluntee



v     A Globally Famous Organization.

v     An ISO Certified Organization.

v     All India Valid Certificate and Volunteer & Membership Id.

v     Lowest joining fees.

v     Only volunteer Registration Fees and Donation fees will be collected by the GNYCI-CSC.

v     Online Verify Volunteer ID and Track work's Statements.

v     Free Training & Support for Volunteer family.

v     Placement assistance.

v     Right to use the GNYCI brand

v     Monthly salary for volunteer