Today in our society there is a happy rich family on one side, and on the other side there are poor, helpless families living in poverty helplessness who are living their lives in various sorrows, hence the object used by the people of the rich family who are old By collecting and collecting the items by the volunteers of GNYCI-CSC, by cleaning and repairing the items, those items are poor and unused. They are being distributed to families. . Therefore, all of you are requested to become more and more members and help to make this noble cause a success.


Gyandeep National Youth Council of India NGO is completing the following works:-





  • Collecting old, unused items from the affluent family and distributing them to the poor family.
  • Providing food to poor helpless family.
  • Providing food to poor helpless homeless elderly.
  • Arrangement of medicines for poor helpless homeless elderly.
  • Other help to the poor helpless homeless elderly.